Fuck you, Bank of America

About six months ago I got charged like $350 because of a feature I didn’t ask for or want that my checking account had on it. I decided to switch banks because I was mad.

I finally paid off my credit card a couple months ago and closed the account. I had paid a little extra on my last payment in case there was going to be any additional interest I’d owe or something. They sent me a check for the $1.85 balance, and yesterday I cashed the check and asked for it entirely in pennies. I ended up getting 150 pennies and a quarter and a dime. And I left it all in a pile by their atms.

Fuck You, Bank of America

I don’t know what this was supposed to mean or if it was supposed to mean anything but it felt good.

That’s a good story

  • no it was “your debit card will keep working after you run out of money and you will not receive warning that you are out of money but transactions will cost you $35 apiece.”

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