Fucked Up Memories

Fucked Up Memories, where I bought a bag full of slides full of memories, and then fucked them up. I messed with them by projecting them onto a wall and then projecting photoshop on the same wall, and then taking a picture of the overlaid projections with slide film. I first displayed this at Tiga in my Disco Chainsaw show, and then more recently at the Bring Your Own Beamer show in the WK gallery, 11/15/12.

At the B.Y.O.B. show is where the weird thing happened. My pal and coworker Jason also had a slide projector in the show. So naturally his boyfriend’s parents came to check the show out. When Jason met them in the gallery, they were staring at my slides. He said hello and the said “how did you do this?” He thought they were talking about the drawing he had made in to slides (see those here), so he started explaining how you can make slides out of drawings, but they stopped him. They were asking about my slideshow. “How did you do this?” “Those? I didn’t do those.” “Really? Because that’s my aunt.” (next slide) “That’s my father.”

That’s not exactly what they said, but it was something close to that. It turns out that the slides I’d bought off some art student I found on craigslist belong to Jason’s bf Eirik’s family. W.T.F. Luckily they had a sense of humor about it. They were able to point out old family friends, family vacation houses, aunts, uncles and so on. If I’d thought this were ever going to happen, I probably wouldn’t have drawn any wieners on the slides, or used the word boner. But I did. Enjoy! And if you feel like it, imagine that this is your family.

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