Wind as a vector

During the first couple of blocks of my walk home from the video store last night I was walking at the same speed and in the same direction as the wind. When you talk about speed and direction together you are talking about a vector called Velocity. We had the same velocity and because of that when I’d breathe out, the cloud of breath (which was visible on account of the chilly air) would stay with me for the three or four or five steps it took to dissipate. A few blocks later the wind sped up, outpacing me. At 24th street I looked into the Italian restaurant and waved across the street at Jed, who was talking to someone inside but looking out the window. Soon after I stepped in the edge of a puddle with the toe of my right shoe. It was soaked and now I remember hoping that it would have time to dry by this morning, which it did. A few blocks later the wind turned south, and my breath would take off out of my mouth over my left shoulder.