The Random Order Show is down, check it out

Recent Attempts


Here’s the promotional postcard

Advice Machine #2

Put the headphones on and press the button and my voice
gives you this advice:

“You need to wash your finger and your ears.”

Anatomy of an Old Man

This was my favorite thing in the show, and therefore the least reasonnably
priced. Scroll down to see it in more detail.

Here, as promised, is the Anatomy of an Old Man in more detail.

Aunt Cholula

I’m sure a lot of you know my Aunt Cholula. 6″x8″

Uncle Tappy

And my uncle tappy. 6″x8″

Time Clock

A time clock that I made out of a bigger time clock. Reasonnably accurate/safe.

The Fork Method #5

I am not finished painting signs about the fork method of food conveyance.
Not done by a long shot. 16″x20″

I Feel It Too

I feel it too. 40″x20″

I Like Painting

A true story. 18″x24″

I Went There

Portrait of famous astronaut Lisa Nowak 18″x24″

Modern Living

This came true the day after the opening, thanks to hanging out at the Nest and
the asshole at the Nest who stole my bag. (my ipod was in my bag.)

Detail included for legibility.

Rule of Thumb

It is handy so often! 8″x10″

The Man With A Taco Truck For A Head

This painting, plus the two small ones above of Uncle Tappy and Aunt Cholula,
gave the show a more “south of the border” feel than I had anticipated.
It worked out though I thought.

Untitled 16″x20″

Not pictured: I also made a Door Status Meter for the
Coffeeshop during the show. It was smaller and black, but worked the same
way this one does.

Also not pictured: I made a poster out of my Snoozes,
second week of August 2007.

Also not pictured: Collage of Paris Hilton with wings
made of meat. I should find a picture of that.

I didn’t take any pictures of the stuff actually in
the shop, but it probably looked about like this in
there, but , you know, with the pictures above on the walls.