My Gold Pencil Pipe

I won a Gold Pencil award for Interactive Advertising and thought, “Why not make the award itself interactive?” So I made it into a pipe (for tobacco).

Here’s how I did it:

First, I machined off the sides of one of the tips so it was easier to grab and remove.

Then I used a vise and grabbed and removed it.

The threaded pipe mouthpiece and bowl I used both had 10mm x 1 threads. To tap 10mm threads you need a 9mm hole, so I drilled a long 9mm hole down into the pencil.

Make sure the pencil is straight up and down for this step!

Then I drilled a 9mm hole for the bowl. You need to make sure all your holes are perpendicular or they won’t match up! I lucked out and it matched up great so airflow is no problem in this pipe.

To get the mouthpiece on I drilled an airhole through a 10mm x 1 bolt and then cut the bolt’s head off. The bolt threads into the pipe, and the mouthpiece threads onto it. I forgot to take any pictures of this step.

I learned during while making this that Gold Pencils scuff very very easily. All those paralell lines on the face of this came from clamping it tightly in some plywood to drill a hole. All the concentric scratches near the bowl were from drill filings spinning around with the drill bit and scratching it up.

Next time I will try to protect the surface better by covering it in tape or something.


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