Cloud Reports

The beach, the airport, and the view from the third floor at work.

Welcome to Amsterdam, David.

Why? Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington and my own neighborhood all donated clouds for this report. The music is by Carly Simon.

City clouds, river clouds and Beach House letting you know that “It is happening again.”

Mt. St. Helens clouds and the awesome remake of Harvest Moon by Poolside. I love this song.

Big Pink and the Columbia. The way this one loops and the editing style mark this as the beginning of the new era of cloud reporting.

City clouds, camp clouds and Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Clouds and sands of the southern Washington beach and music by Jason Forrest.

These clouds were collected on a camping weekend just south of Mt. Hood. Do you recognize the soundtrack?

A selection of Portland’s night clouds, lit by the city and 15 seconds of a song by Caribou.

Clouds over rocks, Clouds over the moon. The song is by Wye Oak, and the lyrics are “Into the desert/weathered forever/desperate clouds/follow them out”


Clouds on the way to Mexico. That’s sunrise on the Alvord, Steens Mountain, the bottom of Saline Valley in Death Valley, some gravel road somewhere in Oregon, and some clouds and stars over my favorite Oregonian Lake.

These clouds existed over Baja, Mexico and nowhere else.

Some (by no means all) of the clouds of Guanajuato, Guanajuato, MX.

The week of 7.15.14’s cloud of the week is announced. An underdog to be sure, but well deserving of this coveted cloud prize.