Go By Fixie

I made a thing for the Mercury’s “Portland As Fuck” art show at the Compound Gallery. Thanks, Scrappers, for the invite! The show is up from Feb 7th through March 3rd.

Go By Fixie

It is, of course, based on the sign on Portland’s Union Station. That, combined with how a lot of Portlanders like to ride fixies, makes it definitely Portland As Fuck.

Portland OR Union Station

Also, this was my first project to use an Arduino ATTiny45 chip, which is fun.

4 thoughts on “Go By Fixie

  1. Hey David, Im a student at an art school in beaverton. I recently discovered you after watching the video on the machine you worked on to remove the cream from oreos. If you are ever interested in having any of your projects photographed I would love to do that for you. Just respond if you have any questions or need more info, thanks!

  2. David, just saw your Oreo project and would love to get you on the Steve Cochran Show [Radio] for an interview. Are you available tomorrow morning (Thursday 28)? Please respond via email if you can.


  3. Hi David, like all of the other comments I’m interested in talking to you about your Oreo Separator video. I’m looking to write a little news piece for my school here in Portland and I’d love to chat with you. Please let me know if you’re interested!

    Thanks so much,

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