David Neevel is a freelance copywriter/non-traditional creative living in sunny Los Angeles, California. He has worked for Wieden and Kennedy, 72 and Sunny, Media Arts Lab, and Adidas. Say hello at david@davidneevel.com or scroll down for a selection of David’s work.

David Neevel makes ADS:

I have been a copywriter for the last 1,000 years, starting in 2006. I have worked for Wieden + Kennedy, 72 and Sunny, and Media Arts Lab. Here are some ads and campaigns I have concepted and written for:

Ikea Matchers Keepers:

Old Spice Guy Vs. Fabio:

Old Spice Manta Claus:


Old Spice Wolfdog:

Old Spice needs to market something wild. How will it do it? By hiring a wild animal to be its marketing director and unleashing it across all digital platforms and have it help children with their homework.

As a fan of Amelie and Delicatessen and City of Lost Children I was thrilled to get to meet and work with Jean-Pierre Jeunet on this ad. As a writer of ads, I was proud to write a script that consisted solely of the product name being repeated 9 times in a row. That is efficiency.

Old Spice Ray Lewis:


David Neevel makes ROBOTS:


This is one of my best known robots. If you haven’t heard of it, this CNN piece does a good job of explaining it:

It was also written up by Slate, the Verge, Time, People, Newsweek, The Guardian, I was interviewed about it by BBC radio and shouted out by Simone Giertz. It was also the top two posts on the front page of reddit for a while.

The Oreo Separator:

There are two kinds of people: People who understood that this was an Oreo ad, and my relatives.

This robot also got good news coverage, although Jay Leno was not impressed.

Telephone Operator:

Social media has become such a chore! But at the same time, you don’t want to just ignore your online friends. This robot can help. It uses custom image recognition libraries to smash the like and comment buttons on your favorite social media apps.

This robot made it to the front page of reddit/r/shittyrobots. It also got me invited onto Spanish Late Night Television.

The Trash Boat:

I can’t say I got all of the trash out of the canals. But I did get some. And made some of my neighbors like me.

David Neevel makes CONTENT:

Practically Useful:

I got to make two short seasons of my show Practically Useful for MTV’s online channel. Here is my favorite episode.


Sadness, Episodes 1-10:

During a sad time I interviewed a series guests knowledgeable on the topic of sadness.

Office Automation:

Complicated solutions to small problems are my wheelhouse. In this video I show how a couple weeks of work could eventually save me a minute or two of effort in my workshop.

Cloud Reports:

I was collecting timelapses for a few years. I used a lot of them to make this video for Poolside’s cover of Harvest Moon.

David Neevel makes PRODUCTS:

Axe Can:

Rapper Big Shaq mentioned the “Lynx Effect” in one of his songs. Lynx and 72 and sunny wanted a quick way to acknowledge it. I designed and manufactured the circuits and 3d elements of the Big Shaq Lynx can, which quotes him whenever the button is pressed. He and his twitter followers loved it.

(in the UK Axe is called Lynx FYI)

Old Spice Deodorant Protector:

A product we actually made that you could actually buy for Old Spice. Of course the real product was this video:

You can hire David to do any or all of these things.