Fast Clock

Fast ClockThe Fast Clock is a clock that runs fast. It does an hour in about a second and a half. It’s four feet in diameter and it’s made of wood and metal and a little bit of plastic. It’s on display at the PDX Gallery’s Window Project from 1/29-2/26/2011. The PDX Gallery is at 925 NW Flanders, and the window faces 9th street. Here is what it looks like:

The Fast Clock

Here is a video of it doing its thing:

Here are two people looking at it. Who knows, maybe one of them is an influential art critic?:

The Fast Clock and

Here is my back yard, where I built the outer ring of the clock while thinking about things:


These are the gears that make the hour hand and minute hand turn at the correct relative rates. Thanks, Jeremy, for the gears. I painted words on the gears.


Here the first attempt to find a way to power those gears. And what I ended up doing was very similar looking and used the same chain and gears and stuff.


Here is how the gears attach to the back of the clock. With wood and some screws is how.


Oh cool, look at those sparks.


James Sproul helped me out by cutting the clock hands out of plexiglass using his laser cutter. His laser cutter is even more badass than the sparks in the above picture.


And here is my artists statement, of which I am also proud.


I’m in a coffeeshop and some dude just talked to me for about a minute, and he said “that’s what’s up” four times! To quote him,

“THAT’S WHAT’S UP!!!” Go check it out sometime this month at 9th and Flanders.