Mega*Church Hyper Gospel music video

And here are some questionnably care-aboutable pictures of the making of the video:

The first thing thet had us do was jump on a trampoline while they threw colors on us.

Even in our beards.

Nice trampoline form, Matthew!

A couple weeks later we did the indoor scenes at Hanna’s gallery:

We did some shots with the lights off. Did you see those trippy shots in the dark in the video? That’s not special effects!

There was also some pretty serious greenscreening. So serious that they used green lights to light the greenscreen with. As with all greenscreening, the results were awesome.

Here we are hanging out waiting for something or other to happen and blending right in with downtown. Look at all those leaves. That’s becase it was fall.

The next weekend, we went to the beach.

Group shot. Look! There’s Rachelle, who put all the fabric together for the video and for all our shows.

Mega thanks and links to Lara and Andrew at Hollerings for making it all happen!