SKIDMARK tonight at Voodoo Donught

SKIDMARK plays tonight at Voodoo Doughnut!! the full lineup will be there (drum machine, guitar, drummer, two bass players) on top of the bathroom. To get you fired up, here are some pictures of previous shows we’ve played there.

From 5/10/06. For this this one only had two people instead of four, but the stage did not feel very spacious. It was a very good show.

3/21/06 Voodoo Donut’s Club Donut gets rocked a new hole by SKIDMARK.

Average height of SKIDMARK band members for this show: 6’1″.

Height of the ceiling over Voodoo Donut’s stage: 5’6″.

Question: how many SKIDMARK bass players does it take to play
a bass?

Answer: either one or two is enough.