June 2006 at Random Order

Remember forever ago when I said that there would be some stuff I made available for looking at at the Random Order coffeehouse? Well they’re not there any more, but you can now see some of them here, on the internet.

Get a sense of the atmosphere of the show by looking at this picture, then imagining
hordes of interested, engaged people from many walks of life.

Here’s something you may have seen before, on www.dickbird.org

The letter “c.” I have friends whose names start with this letter.

Words about this one are not really a help to anyone. It is made of canvas,
spray paint, silk screen and raw emotions familiar to anyone with a capacity
to feel. Scroll down!

I was disappointed not to sell this shopping list. Oh well, if I ever display
it again i’ll double the price to make up for the disappointment.

“power lines are the new birds”

-Sean Barrett

Here’s a poster outlining the apartment i’d like to have most. basically, it’s
a glass bubble floating above downtown, filled with pillows, opium and naked
bitches. why do you never see those on craigslist? because they do not exist.

Classic and timeless are rolled into one in this majestic silkscreened poster,
a profession of love for dj gay ipod. If you would like one of these and have
$15, get in touch with me. will also trade dj gay ipod posters for any assistance
in actualizing my ideal apartment.

My new watch was also on display. It was my first use of a purchased object
as art. The four spinners on the front of the watch represent visually my four
core values (money, weed, jesus, rims). You may enjoy noting that the time telling
face of the watch can be revealed by lifting the four spinners back on their
hinge. ($100)

This is not only a painting, but an awareness enhancer. double good!

The house rules from my old house

You just, like, put some paint on the end of the brush and then wipe it off
onto something, I guess? Is that right?

And here’s the crown jewel of the show, the advice machine. The person recieving
advise has been left out of this photo out of respect for their anonymity. Let’s
all just hope the advise was heeded.