A story about schizophrenia.

Every time i say the word “schizophrenic” out loud i’m trying to decide whether to pronounce it “schizo-fray-nic” or “schizo-fren-icor “schzo-free-nic,” and it reminds me of a story i used to tell. the story had the word “schizophrenic” in it, and i probably said it differently everytime i told the story.

but: now i can’t remember how the story goes at all. and every time i hear “schizophrenic” or have to say it or even think about it for a second, i also think “what was that story i used to know about schizophrenia?” it probably wouldn’t bother me- i probably wouldn’t even notice it- except that the word that triggers it is “schizophrenia.”

i think it may have been some fact about shizophrenia, rather than a story envolving schizophrenia

or maybe a fact about an actual person with schizophrenia

i have no idea

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