I went to the beach this weekend

Let me break it down for you:

I drove a rental car to so that I wouldn’t have to worry about slipping clutches or oil leaks or whatever the fumes are that come into my car and make me feel bad. The rental car’s stereo was much better than my car’s stereo and it felt good to drive a car that you could feel confident about. I kept the windows down and the heat and the volume all the way up and decided that my plan is now to have my memory erased so that I can listen to Perfect From Now On for the first time again. I felt it so hard!

We stayed near Proposal Rock. On Sunday morning I climbed up the rock and then proposed to myself that I go back down. I accepted and climbed down.

proposal rock

Do you see that speck in the sky above the right side of the rock? It is a Bald Eagle. No kidding.

I call this photo "Muscle Beach"
Muscle beach

Also, we went down to the Sea Hag in Depoe Bay and watched Michael Dane perform. He’s still got it.
Michael Dane

Weirdly, Tippy Hedren was there celebrating her 79th birthday 2 days early. Tippy Hedren is the lady that was in the movie The Birds. No kidding. She is the blur to the left of Michael in the below photo. She is a fox.
Tippy Hedren

On the way back to Portland we got a good breakfast in Otis, Or. This was the scene there:

that’s it!