Some pictures from lately

mike and justus enjoy some coffee and food in the morning in san francisco. i think this place was sorta near the mission, just like i think everything in san francico is sorta near the mission.

justus with a guitar and a song at andrew molera state park in big sur. the prices at this campground have gone up, while the convenience and beauty have remained constant.

“brown material road”

craig writes a postcard to seth. unfortunately the postcard was lost deep in the interior of my car. i don’t know if it will ever be seen again.

we took a break here to have a warm beer, stare at the horizon and smell the smoke coming from the car’s motor

katie, justus, and the sky at the chief joseph days rodeo

the moon, the sky and some trees at summit lake

please give the camera to my mom at summit lake

seth enjoys the Turtles at the southern washington state fair. the price of seeing the Turtles has gone down, while their

credibility and skill has also.

seth of blowchain, david of blowchain, colin of blowchain and
the asses of two cow at the southern washington state fair

this guy stopped me in the parking lot of the grocery store
to show me the pictures he’d drawn of joel and i.

apparently he is a friend of joel’s and a fan of carpool or whatever we’re damn

nate prepares for a recording session with the Red Queens by
eating a chip

recording with the Red Queens

that is not rico’s hand! i’m not trying to freak you out, but
seriously! it’s not!


(private note to rico: i will come get seth of blowchain’s centaur ass out of your backyard someday. i promise. this week is honestly not looking that good though)