Transportation Tribulation

My transportation situation is absurd.

Let me break it down for you:

The Subaru:

totally legal engine leaks oil, a lot of smoke comes out the hood
still feels trustworthy despite its problems has a bad wheel bearing that makes a lot of extra noise while it’s going
radio, can use ipod in there too sometimes the lights just turn on and that drains the battery. i.e. right now the battery is totally dead.
Illick’s Van:

is sweet no title
has a sink not mine
mechanically sound expired california tags
insured! one of the back windows is broken out
totally sweet no radio

Colin’s Suzuki Motorcycle:

clean title hasn’t run in over 4 years
pretty cool, i mean it’s a motorcycle someone stole it once and crashed it and the handlebars are bent
was cheap has moss growing on it
not stressed about keeping it nice have to deal with it pretty soon, because i’m going to move.

My Motorcycle:

totally legal! the keyhole switch is messed up, now i start it by hotwiring it
fun as hell the electrical problem is eerie and makes me a little uneasy
motor loves to run forks leak oil, that’s annoying
gas efficient, especially on the hiway the front brakes could work better
my favorite motorcycle the engine leaks oil, but just a little. it doesn’t actually worry

My Bicycle:

legal as fuck hard to carry big/heavy stuff on it
exercise last week the rear brake cable broke, this week the front did! odd!
no gas the seat is kind of uncomfortable since it was in the back of frosty’s truck and got slammed around when he went over some bumps fast
i can just get a new seat no good for going really far- or rather, impractical because of how
long it would take
it’s my favorite way to get around, as long as it’s not raining if it’s raining you get wet
The Max:

cheap doesn’t go everywhere
a good option if you are drunk sometimes when Justus wants to ride it the Steel Bridge is closed and he has to catch a shuttle bus that takes him over the Burnside Bridge. it works fine, but takes a while to figure out and he winds up being late to dinner.
fine on the environment crackheads and other weirdos
goes to the airport

that’s all.