I enjoy pop culture but don’t consider myself shallow .com

Hi there! I’ve got a new favorite phrase. It’s “I enjoy pop culture but don’t consider myself shallow.com.” It’s not actually a website, but I like saying “dot com” at the end of it. I believe it’s replacing “ding dong” as my favored phrase, if only for the moment.
I still like the word “balls” a lot, and honestly the new phrase is probably a bit wordy to ever hope to take the place of something as timeless and classic as “balls.” Anyways, here are a couple things i’ve done with the new phrase.

You can write it on a piece of paper and leave it on the street

you can spray paint it on part of an old crumbling cement factory near the eastern border of oregon.

What a versatile phrase!

Some other things have been happening too. I’d like to show you some pictures of the rafting I did last week. also, did you know that I turned 30 years old two weeks ago (this Wednesday)? 30 feels fine so far. Ok!

Update!: ienjoypopculturebutdontconsidermyselfshallow.com is a website now!